Friday, September 16, 2011

crew's 3

Crew is 3!
Just waking up!
Crew's favorite thing is Thunder Basketball!
he had his favorite breakfast Donuts!
Happy birthday Crew
we surprised crew with a bounce toy for his birthday party!
We celebrated with friends and family on a beautiful day!
crew got a sand box for his birthday!
crew mark you have grown up so fast and are an amazing little boy!
you are so funny! you love to make people laugh!
oh how we laugh!
we love your sweet prayers and your kindness!
you have an amazing future ahead of you and you truly are a blessing!
we love you bunches!

Dax Man

Dax has grown up so fast! He is 6 now and lives life to the fullest!
He is my Gentle Giant! I love how Sweet his Heart is!
He loves adventure and learning new things! he is amazing at memorizing scripture for church!
but his favorite thing is going on Dates with Jade or I!
I love this Boy so much!
Dax's uncle bo gave him this helmet and he wears it all the time!
He grows do fast that we have to buy clothes weekly!
He is Jade Junior!
He is an amazing BIG brother
dax loves sports!
Dax you are an amazing young man and a great LEADER!
You amazing me every single day!
you are the greatest big brother and i am so honored to be you mom!
Love you handsome little man!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crew Mark

This Little boy Lights Up My LIFE!
Crew Mark is 3 and is always on the Go!
Has no Fear and is the funniest Kid I Know!
But my most favorite thing about him is how he talks to Jesus!
His Prayers are precious and I love how sweet his words are!
He Jokes around just like his daddy!
He played spiderman in his school play!
Pretty Cute!
He turned 3 on April 1st!
this is my favorite picture in the world that always brings me to tears!
He looks just like my grandfather "coach" who past away 4 weeks before crew was born!
it is amazing how much they look alike!
we love this little guy so much and are honored we get to raise him!
he is so special!
cruiser we are so proud of you and the young man you are becoming!
I promise i will be updating more so i can catch up!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wow! it has been a long time since I have updated my blog!
Yes I finally get to sit down and tell you what has been going on in our household!
This is Luke! He is 7 months old now! can you believe it!
He melts my heart and these BIG Blue eyes take my breath away
just like his Daddy's
Luke is such a Joy!
Crawling everywhere and pulling up on things and gets so excited to see his big brothers!
Just love this little guy!
His first football game with his Papa John!
wasn't so sure about grass!
Luke has been the light of our life and we are blessed to be his parents!
he has grown up so fast!
We love you lukey!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

He is HERE!

We are so excited that our little man is here!(and he has a name)
8lbs 8oz & 20.5 inches
Proud Daddy!
Dax is so Excited to be another big brother!
Crew can't get enough Kisses
My 3 Boys
Dax, Crew & Luke
We are so excited that god has blessed us with another Boy!
Jade & I are living a dream!
We can't believe after 9 months our little guy is here( thank god it isn't longer!)
we have prayed and prayed for this child since the day we found out we were pregnant!
we prayed for his name even when we were in the hospital!
but chosen his name was the sweetest experience I have ever been through!
As soon as he was born and I quit throwing up, Jade and I just prayed for 3 days till we felt at peace with his name!
Our 2 names were Luke or Cross!
we love the meaning of Luke= Bringer of light
and we loved the picture of a Cross!
So we just named him both!
We are so excited to raise another Boy to bring light into this world!
We can't wait to raise this young man up and teach him about Jesus!
We love you Luke Cross and God has amazing plans ahead of you!

The Loves of my life!

I think that i am the luckiest Girl in the world!
Look what I get to come home to every single Day!
I am Blessed beyond words to take care of 4 BOYS!
God you are so good to me!

after 2 days in the Hospital Dax curled up in my Bed and wanted to cuddle!
Love this little Man so much!
Headed Home!
Thank you Hartsock's for the Giant Stork!
Be careful Friends if you are having a Boy look what might be in your yard next!

Home Sweet Home

Friday, November 12, 2010

OU vs Iowa State

Our first OU Game as a Family!
We had the time of our lives.
We just love spending it with our BOYS!
We have create a monster!
This was crew's 1st OU Game and he never moved!
He ChEeRed with everyone and his favorite was when everyone puts there finger in the air and says

Crew didn't understand why he couldn't be out there PLAYING!
Dax and Jade talked football during the Game!
Now they ask all the time when the next game is!
Love it:)
Boomer Sooner!